Loading an unregistered package



Hi, I added the package JuliBoots using


However, when I enter

using JuliBoots

it returns

ArgumentError: Module JuliBoots not found in current path.
Run Pkg.add("JuliBoots") to install the JuliBoots package.
in require(::Symbol) at loading.jl:365
in require(::Symbol) at sys.dylib:?
in include_string(::String, ::String) at loading.jl:441
in include_string(::String, ::String) at sys.dylib:?
in eval(::Module, ::Any) at boot.jl:234
in eval(::Module, ::Any) at sys.dylib:?
in (::Atom.##65#68)() at eval.jl:40
in withpath(::Atom.##65#68, ::Void) at utils.jl:30
in withpath(::Function, ::Void) at eval.jl:46
in macro expansion at eval.jl:109 [inlined]
in (::Atom.##64#67{Dict{String,Any}})() at task.jl:60

I have tried to run Pkg.add(“JuliBoots”), it doesn’t work.

Thank you.


JuliBoots doesn’t have a /src directory. You should create your package using PkgDev.generate("PkgName","MIT") and follow that general structure. For more information, see the start of this:


Subsidiary question: can you require unregistered packages (in unregistered packages) ? e.g.

julia 0.5

I saw some discussion about it at some point but I’m not sure what’s the current state of affairs.


Not currently. Pkg3 will change that.