LoadError: Cannot locate artifact 'kaleido' for aarch64-apple-darwin…

I’m new to Julia and trying to run a project on a mac M1 with Julia v1.10 that needs the packages:
✗ PlotlyBase
✗ PlotlyJS
However when trying to add them I get an error (they also can’t be precompiled).
I get the following errors:
LoadError: Failed to precompile PlotlyBase to “/Users/me/.julia/compiled/v1.10/PlotlyBase/jl_eVHPSh”.
LoadError: Cannot locate artifact ‘kaleido’ for aarch64-apple-darwin-julia_version+1.10.4 in ‘/Users/me/.julia/packages/PlotlyBase/NxSlF/Artifacts.toml’

I tried reinstalling Julia but it doesn’t solve the issue. The code is written in Julia v1.0.5 but for such a simple file i don’t think the version matters.

Here’s the code:

import Pkg;

# Install necessary packages
Pkg.add(["DataFrames", "Distributions", "FileIO", "JLD", "XLSX", "Colors", "CSV", "ORCA", "KernelDensity", "PlotlyJS"])

Hi, welcome to the forum.

This is correct, but the remaining advice of that last post honestly seems like it was generated by a chatbot.

The advice I would give is to install the macOS x86 (Intel or Rosetta) version of Julia and run it instead.

This means the code is a quite number of years old then, right? It might need to be tweaked to work with newer Julia versions, but hopefully not much.