LOAD_PATH, meaning of the content

julia> LOAD_PATH
3-element Vector{String}:

What does the three elements here mean?

I am interested in this variable because I saw the following code at the beginning of a script

push!(LOAD_PATH, joinpath(dirname(@__FILE__), "src"))

It seems that the purpose is to add the direcoty ‘src’ besides the current file into the path.

As we’ve said before, please remember to look at the julia help before asking here. Use ?LOAD_PATH in the REPL. If that doesn’t fully answer your question, then please specify which parts remain unclear.

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help?> LOAD_PATH
search: LOAD_PATH


  An array of paths for using and import statements to
  consider as project environments or package directories
  when loading code. It is populated based on the
  JULIA_LOAD_PATH environment variable if set; otherwise it
  defaults to ["@", "@v#.#", "@stdlib"]. Entries starting
  with @ have special meanings:

    •  @ refers to the "current active environment",
       the initial value of which is initially
       determined by the JULIA_PROJECT environment
       variable or the --project command-line option.

    •  @stdlib expands to the absolute path of the
       current Julia installation's standard library

    •  @name refers to a named environment, which are
       stored in depots (see JULIA_DEPOT_PATH) under
       the environments subdirectory. The user's named
       environments are stored in ~/.julia/environments
       so @name would refer to the environment in
       ~/.julia/environments/name if it exists and
       contains a Project.toml file. If name contains #
       characters, then they are replaced with the
       major, minor and patch components of the Julia
       version number. For example, if you are running
       Julia 1.2 then @v#.# expands to @v1.2 and will
       look for an environment by that name, typically
       at ~/.julia/environments/v1.2.

  The fully expanded value of LOAD_PATH that is searched for
  projects and packages can be seen by calling the
  Base.load_path() function.

  and Code Loading.