Load multiples NCDataset

Hello here I am working with multiple netcdf MODIS datas using NCDataset.jl.
I don’t know how “fnames” mean by vector files, below is the example to load datas from documentation.

mfds = NCDataset(fnames,mode = “r”; aggdim = nothing, deferopen = true, _aggdimconstant = false)

let say I have this list data in my directory, how can I make it by vector files (of fnames)?


or is there any method to load multiples .nc datas?

Any AbstractArray with AbstractString elements will work there. This is not directly mentioned in the documentation entry, but if you click the blue “source” button on the bottom right, you can see the type signature in the code.

So you could do

fnames = [

Or you could use https://github.com/vtjnash/Glob.jl:

using Glob
fnames = glob("TERRA_MODIS.*.L3m.DAY.SST.sst.4km.nc", directory)

Thank you.