Load error using JLD

I have encountered the same problem as the OP at this Stackoverflow link: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/50817008/error-using-load-with-jld. Like for that OP, the load command works for an earlier dataset with the same name. I suspect that somewhere in a process the data has been corrupted. In my case, my data is updated every minute.

Does anyone have a solution to the problem or at least know about the issue? I am thinking about making an automatic update of the file, and in the event of the stated error, automatically reverting to the latest backup.

Perhaps a relevant question is “what are the alternatives to JLD?” I simply need to store the content of an array, which changes in size over an iteration…

Some alternatives include:

  • JLD2.jl
  • BSON.jl

For loading and saving during a process, Serialize would be a good option.
Then, once the process finishes, CSV.jl would be an option for bullet proof long-term storage.
JLD2.jl states in its README that it is no longer actively maintained and has several known bugs. I still use it, but I save “essential” data that I can’t afford to lose in another format for backup.

Just FYI JLD2 is maintained again.

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Good news - thanks. Juliahub is still showing a readme that says it’s not maintained - that’s where I looked.

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