Literate.jl release announcements

Instead of reviving the 6 year old announcement thread I thought it better to start a new topic for Literate.jl release announcements.

Note that all new features, changes, and bugfixes are documented in so if you are curious about what has happened in the last couple of years please have a look.

Literate.jl version 2.17.0

Version 2.17.0 was just released (changelog, diff v2.16.1…v2.17.0).

This release brings support for outputting Quarto markdown documents (see e.g. [ANN] Native Julia engine for quarto using QuartoNotebookRunner.jl).

This feature was a contribution from @svilupp. Thanks!


Literate.jl version 2.18.0

Version 2.18.0 was just released (changelog, diff v2.17.0…v2.18.0).

With this release Literate removes DocumenterInterLinks.jl @extref-links (used to reference documentation in other packages) when producing non-Documenter output formats.

This feature was a contribution from @musoke in Literate.jl#245. Thanks!