Linking against Julia's internal openBLAS



I have C code that I want to compile to a dll (windows platform) so I can ccall it from julia.
The C code is dependent on openBLAS .

I want to link it against libopenblas64_.dll that is present in the julia bin\ directory.
Is this possible?


Yeah, should be possible. We build suitesparse and arpack dll’s that link to openblas just fine. What have you tried? Keep in mind that because we use the (somewhat nonstandard) 64-bit integer interface in openblas, we have all the internal function names renamed (64_ appended) in the default build on 64-bit Julia.


MXNet.jl is linked against the OpenBLAS that is distributed with Julia on might be a starting point.


it is a windows system I need a .def or .lib file that define the function stubs for visual studio

I will try and build it with mingw and gcc , for that .lib file can be skipped