Linked arrays of elements

Dear Julia&JuMP support team,
if i have a set or an array of elements:
A=[“A1”, “A2”, “A3”]
I want to define a new array B linked to each element of A:
B(“A1”)=[“m1”, “m2”]
B(“A2”)=[“m3”, “m4”]
B(“A3”)=[“m1”, “m5”]
This way is not working since it gives a warning “B is not defined”.
Give me some insight please.

Welcome @mamo

Looks like a Dict with String as keys:


thanks oheil, I will take a look into the details.
Regarding the environment for using the Julia and JuMP, I am currently using Atom editor, is there a better/more efficient environment for Julia&JuMP coding?

I prefer VSCode (with Julia extension), but I am sure, it’s a matter of taste.


Just to clarify. Most people in this forum are not officially affiliated with Julia in any way. They (me included) are just enthusiasts of the language that like helping other people to learn about Julia. The Julia creators are active in this forum, and often help users, but support is not guaranteed. If you want guaranteed support you probably should look at Julia Computing paid support.


Thanks Henrique, this is a better way to get in touch with the language.