LightHouse.jl Implementation

Good Day:

II am attempting to create an ROC_CURVE
with Lighthouse.jl. I am attempting to generate
one with the MLJ.@load_boston dataset.

My general questions are:

  1. How do I designate class? names(df)?
    Should I:
classes = ["class $i" for i in 1:5]
  1. What should I use as my curve value?
    I was able to create one using:
curve_clf = MLJ.learning_curve(clf, feat, targ,range=r_clf,

or should I:

curves = [(LinRange(0, 1, 10), range(0, stop=i/2, length=10) .+ (stable_randn(10) .* 0.1)) for i in -1:3]

(Extra: In this case, how would I prefix stable_rand?)

In all I would like to apply Lighthouse.plot_roc_curves). But
am having trouble choosing a starting point.

Does anyone have experience with Lighthouse or is there
some other variety (not from SciKitLearn.jl) that is practical
to implement?

There are some gotchas in these analyses. This and this may be helpful in thinking through issues. Iā€™m not sure if Lighthouse incorporated such considerations into their package.

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@George9000 Thank you for sharing!

Might you know of any 2018 or more
recent sources? I have noticed that
these items have about am 18 month
cycle (or less) before some of the
modules are deprecated.