Lifting observable draws all data from previous steps

I’m using that code to draw an object with it’s orientation on top. When orientation marker spins, marker from previous step doesn’t disappear. But I want to draw only orientation from current step. How do I do it?

adata = [

fig, ax, abmobs = InteractiveDynamics.abmplot(модель;
    agent_step! = жизнь!, model_step! = dummystep,
    am = '⚪',
    as = размер_маркера,

    positions = @lift(Point2f.($(abmobs.adf).pos))
    rotations = @lift($(abmobs.adf).ориентация_объекта_рад)
    scatter!(ax, positions; overdraw = true, rotations = rotations, marker = '↑', markersize = 15, color = :red)

Here what I expect

What I get after several steps