Library/package for calculating vertex curvature and normals of a mesh

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to develop a numerical scheme for simulating the equation of motion of a closed surface in 3D.
To do it, I wanted to represent the surface as a mesh, compute the normal velocity, and use it to evolve the mesh itself. Here comes my problem:

I need to compute some basic geometric properties like vertex normals and curvature on the mesh in order to compute the velocities. It feels like there should be a library/package to do that efficiently, but I really can’t find one.

Actually, GitHub - JanisErdmanis/SurfaceGeometry.jl: Tools for meshing surface, evaluation of normals and curvatures, and integration of nodes with given velocity field does pretty much everything I need, but the project is quite old and not updated. Also, when I run some benchmarks, it seems that most of the functions are not well-optimized, so I would like to avoid using it.

Can you suggest a better package?

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Edit: Apparently, Meshes.jl does not support it. In general, I prefer to avoid using it as it defines many abstract datatypes which would be difficult to time-update using the integrators in DifferentialEquations.jl. Or at least this is my impression

Try Meshes.jl and open issues if features are missing. It is actively maintained and is feature-rich. Optimizations are implemented on demand.