Library for multi objective optimization NSGA II

Hello everyone,
I have few queries, could you please help me out
I wish to write a Julia library for solving multi-objective optimization problems using NSGA II.
Presently I am working on this as a part of my research and I would be very happy to contribute to the Julia community.
I am very new to software development and I have the least idea on how to build a package.I have read the Julia Documentation but I want to know the how-to process of building Julia Packages and if there is anything I need to learn for this.
Thank you

You basically

  1. create a skeleton with PkgDev.generate,
  2. put the code in src/, the tests in test/, etc,
  3. keep developing it, preferably testing the functionality along the way,
  4. make it available on Github,
  5. enable the automated coverage and testing tools,
  6. add documentation,
  7. when it is stable enough, you announce it.

Julia packages are pretty lightweight, more like conventions than rigorously enforced structures at this point. But the conventions do make sense.

You could look at some example packages in your problem domain, eg Optim.jl, to see how it is organized.

This is a little old but if you replace Pkg with PkgDev in most places it should still be relevant.

You might want to check out the MultiJuMP package.

@Tamas_Papp Thank you, I will definitely follow the steps
@ChrisRackauckas The blog you mentioned is perfectly what I needed, thank you very much.
@blegat the MultiJuMP package will help me to code my problem, Thank you
Julia Community is very encouraging :slight_smile: