Let with kwargs?

Hi there, I was going through the docs and had a quick question regarding let keyword.
Typical usage:

let a=1, b=2
  println("a: $a, b: $b")

Which parses to:

(let println("a: $a, b: $b") (= a 1) (= b 2))

My question is, why can’t let take kwargs... as well?
I haven’t looked into macros much but I think it would be possible to allow for the following:

d = Dict("a"=>1, "b"=>2)
let d...
  println("a: $a, b: $b")

You’d have to include a kwargs like construct similar to function
Apologies if this a basic question, just wanted to know the rationale

I’m pretty sure this cannot work as let is syntax construct (and not a macro either), i.e. it has only access to the code and not runtime values of variables.