Length and setting of ticks

hello, i am new in Plots.jl and i would like to put ticks in all my axis of the plot with framestyle=:box . Here is my code with the default function:

x = 0:0.1:2pi ; y1 = cos.(x) 

default(fontfamily ="New Century Schoolbook Roman", framestyle=:box,gridstyle=:dot,minorticks=:true,gridcolor=:black, minorgridcolor=:black,minorgrid=true,minorgridalpha=0.2,minorgridstyle=:dot,gridalpha=0.4) 


Also how can i edit the length of the ticks(major and minor) ? Thank you.

You can find in this post a Plots.jl solution to the first question, and a PGFPlotsX.jl solution (from PGFPlots manual: major tick length and minor tick length) to the second one.

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You might try Gaston.jl, as gnuplot uses the style you want by default, and has settings for tick length (I have not tried doing this with Gaston myself).

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