Lego Plot how to?

How to produce a lego plot (e.g. a histogram with 2d bins) in julia? See here for example plots.

Matplotlib supports this, so you can use PyPlot. For example, I adapted this Matplotlib example to:

using PyPlot
x = (0:3)' .* ones(5)
y = ones(4)' .* (0:4)
x = reshape(x, length(x))
y = reshape(y, length(y))
z = x + y
bar3D(x, y, z*0, 1, 1, z)
title("bar3D demo")

(I find the Matplotlib bar3d interface a little weird.)


Can you just use surface?

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It is not ideal, but it is a possiblity

Use the plotlyjs() backend to make it interactive and you have a super solution.