LaTeX with Makie(Layout)

Is there a way to use LaTeX for the title and/or axis labels in Makie (the latest version with all the layout bells and whistles)? I saw MakieTeX.jl, but the README says to ask on Slack, but I put the Q here for permanence sake.

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Not yet.

As far as I know, MakieTeX works by compiling the LaTeX expression with an external TeX distribution and then render it in Makie as an image. Since it outputs image and not text it can not be put directly in label or title without manual tweaking. The simplest way to achieve is likely be to play a bit with the layout to draw the TeX image where the labels/title should be (e.g. just below the axis to be labelled for x-axis).

On the other hand I have been working a bit to implement a (very simple) LaTeX engine in Julia (currently I only have a parser) so full support may not be too far.


If I’m not mistaken, this is now possible, right? For example,

Source Beautiful Makie Gallery - #20 by sdanisch.