Latest versions of Clp, Cbc, SCIP

For me, the latest versions of Clp, Cbc and SCIP don’t seem to want to co-exist.

I think the CEnum entries in the [compat] section of the Project.toml files are incompatible:

Clp:  CEnum = "0.3"
Cbc:  CEnum = "0.3, 0.4"
SCIP: CEnum = "^0.1.0"

Can anyone else reproduce this, or is it just my setup?

This is a known issue with SCIP.jl.
Unfortunately, SCIP.jl doesn’t work with updated CEnum.jl without also changing the Clang.jl-generated wrappers. The latter was not fully automatic, so this is nontrivial work. See also #77

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Oh I see. Thanks.