LangServer keeps indexing everytime I open up VS Code

I am using the new WSL2 feature in Windows and have installed Ubuntu on my machine. The goal is to move my dev stuff over to WSL2. I uninstalled Julia from my Windows machine and deleted the .julia folder. I furthered uninstalled the julia extension from my VS Code.

Next, in VS Code, I installed the Remote WSL extension, and added the Julia extension in the remote “vscode server”. See image

After setting the executable path in the settings, I see that Julia Language Server boots right up and starts to index the packages. I was working on my code letting the language server do its thing. But I think I have encountered a bug and not sure where exactly its coming from (Lang Server, VS Code, or WSL). The bug is that

  1. After the language server finishes indexing everything, I get squiggly lines on my using Pkg and all functions.

  2. I thought maybe I just need to restart VS Code. Once I restarted, the language server boots up … but starts to index everything again! This happens everytime now…

So is there a way I can help debug this?

Extension version is 0.15.40, Julia version is 1.4

Any idea on why this might be happening? @davidanthoff
Could it possibly be a file permissions error that while its actually building an index, it can’t save it anywhere?

Could you look in the Julia Language Server Output log and see what is says about the Info: Symbol server store is at location?


[ Info: Starting the Julia Language Server
[ Info: Symbol server store is at '/home/affan/.vscode-server/data/User/globalStorage/julialang.language-julia/symbolstorev2'.
[ Info: Indexing CSV...

so it’s storing correctly in my WSL filesystem, but why is it stuck at Indexing CSV. Also interesting is that the status bar in Code seems to suggest that it’s iterating over the pacakges i.e. “Indexing [pkgname]”

Hm, that [ Info: Indexing CSV... is very weird, I think it should not actually show that if it is also showing the status bar item…

This all looks like some kind of bug, could you open an issue? I’ll try to replicate your setup, but will probably be a few days and I don’t want to lose track of this.

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