Killing current julia and launching a new one programatically

I am running a bunch of different optimization problems and there is some sort of a memory leak detailed some here that causes julia to be Killed. Then when I restart it, I have no problem solving the problem that it was killed on. So, what I want to do is launch a new julia process with all of the information that the current julia process has. So that I can avoid having to manually restart julia if it fails each time. Is there an easy way to do this?


Not that I know of. If the state of your algorithm can be captured and serialized, save it at certain checkpoints and use it to continue.

That said, the thread you link does not conclusively show that this is indeed a “memory leak” in the sense commonly understood. First you should rule out the possibility that you are running out of memory because of algorithmic reasons, in which case restarting would not help.

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