Jupyter with C++

This might be of some interest to Julians. It appears C++ folks are so desperate to make their language more appealing that they try to emulate Julia. :wink:

Sorry, forgot to include the link: Interactive Workflows for C++ with Jupyter | by QuantStack | Jupyter Blog

On second thoughts: the sentence at the top does not quite convey the right sentiment. Let me try again:

It appears C++ folks are desperate to make their language more appealing and they realize they can learn from Julia.

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Cling has been around for a while, but using Jupyter does make C++ more friendly to newbies.

Nice one :wink: However, I believe that they have been doing things like this to make the language more appealing. Spoiler alert from cppreference.com:

Additional execution policies may be provided by a standard library implementation (possible future additions may include std::parallel::cuda and std::parallel::opencl)

To me, being able to use C++ in Jupyter is nowhere close to learning a single language and using its language constructs and standard library to easily parallelize your code (without needing to learn opencl, openmp, cuda, or even openmpi), when it comes to me loving the language :slight_smile:

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