Juno save question

This is a random, kind of non-Julia, question.
I use Atom/Juno. Every time I save a program all of the colored formatting disappears and I can no longer run the program. If I copy/paste my program into a new file the formatting comes back and it works again. Or if I restart Atom/Juno the formatting comes back. Is there a way I can just keep the formatting after saving.

My first thought was that you need to make sure that the file you are saving is has the .JL file extension. And also check, in the bottom right I believe, that the editor recognized that this is a Julia script - it should say Julia somewhere along the bottom.

Adding the .jl extension seemed to fix things. Thank you very much!

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No problem! You can mark my answer as a solution for completeness, so that the “solution” jumps out more to anyone else reading this, which would probably be someone who are having the same problem.

Done. Thanks again!

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