Juno or Atom?

Though I have been using Julia for a while, I’m still quite confused with the IDEs. When I started to use Julia two years ago, I was told to use Juno. One year ago, Atom seemed to have been suggested to be the number one choice. I got a new machine this month and am installing apps. What I’m wondering is which IDE I should install along with Julia? Juno or Atom? Actually, what’s the relation of these two IDEs? They seem quite similar.

Another question out of curiosity - will one day we have the Julia debugger (ASTInterpreter and Gallium) working in these IDEs with graphical assistant, like what Matlab does? Matlab is disgusting in many ways, but its debugger is really really good, to be honest.


The beginning here describes the relationship between Juno and Atom.


Yes, it’s a WIP (work in progress), but it seems like it’s really close now.

Thanks for the answers. I followed the instruction and have had Atom and Juno installed successfully. Now I’m trying to install the Atom-Julia Interaction following the following paragraph:

Installing the Atom-Julia Interaction

In the console, I tried some simple calculation and expected the interaction to be installed automatically. However, the following error was thrown:

We tried to launch Julia from:
This path can be changed in the settings.
  /bin/sh: 1: /home/calvin/julia-3c9d75391c/bin: Permission denied

I checked and found that I do have all kinds of permissions of the directory. What could I have missed? Thanks!!

The path in the settings needs to point to the executable, not the folder containing it, i.e. try /home/calvin/julia-3c9d75391c/bin/julia.

Thanks for the hint. Sorry for the dumb question.

No worries :slight_smile: Enjoy Juno!

I also like the Julia extension for VS Code GitHub - julia-vscode/julia-vscode: Julia extension for Visual Studio Code

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