JuMP solution_summary() not working


I have a simple jump model and it’s running. When I try to check the solution using solution_summary, it gives me an error:
UndefVarError: solution_summary not defined

Any idea why this is bugging?
I’m using Julia 1.5.3 and JuMP v0.21.4

Here is my simplified code:

using JuMP, GLPK, LinearAlgebra
using Distributions

p = 0.9
ex0 = Model(GLPK.Optimizer)

@variable(ex0, x >= 0)

μ = 5
vari = 4
ξ = Normal(0, 1)

@objective(ex0, Min, x)
@constraint(ex0, x >= quantile(ξ, p) * sqrt(vari) +  μ)


# To check the results:


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Please update to Julia 1.6 and JuMP 1.0. You’re using an old version, and solution summary was added more recently.

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