JuMP.NLPEvaluator output format

I am trying to evaluate my constraints from my nonlinear program using IPOPT. From this discussion (https://groups.google.com/forum/#!searchin/julia-opt/evaluating$20constraints%7Csort:date/julia-opt/m1ObRwgrvGE/Mo8bjsZ1AwAJ), I am trying to use MathProgBase.eval_g. The first line in calling this is

d = JuMP.NLPEvaluator(m)

I cannot find resources that describe how to interpret the output of this function call. First it lists the number of constraints and variables. After that, it shows a lot of numbers, #undef, and true/false statements–this is the part I am confused about. Is there a detailed description or examples somewhere of interpreting this?

The versions I am using are: Julia v0.6.4 and JuMP v0.18.2.

Please see Nonlinear Modeling — JuMP -- Julia for Mathematical Optimization 0.18 documentation. JuMP.NLPEvaluator() returns an opaque object that implements an interface (described in the JuMP and MathProgBase docs). There’s not much to be gained by trying to look inside the object.

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