JuMP model unregister action

I got a question about how JuMP expressions are constructed. Like I got an expression named :a defined on some variables :x and :y and some constants :c in the way like a = x+y+c. But later I want to do some modifications on :c to change it to a new :c. Firstly I unregister :c and then reinitialize it. If this time I constructed :a again using a = x+y+c, will a be a = x+y+c for the new c or a = x+y+c+c' where c' is the new one.

Can you provide a reproducible example of code with that you’re trying to achieve?

If you’re trying to modify the right-hand side of a constraint, you might want to look at JuMP.set_normalized_rhs.

See Constraints · JuMP