JuMP: it is possible to obtain the description of solver parameters without accessing the official documentation directly?

Hi, I’m new to the JuMP package. I took a look at the documentation (JuMP · JuMP) and I couldn’t identify if there is a way to access the description of the solver parameters via JuMP.

For example, I would like to know more details about the parameter: “heuristics/vbounds/minimprove” offered by the SCIP solver without having to access SCIP Doxygen Documentation: List of all SCIP parameters

Could anyone tell me if this type of functionality exists?

Furthermore, now talking specifically about the SCIP documentation, would anyone know if the description of the parameters is just the one present at SCIP Doxygen Documentation: List of all SCIP parameters, or are there more detailed explanations of each parameter on some other page?

Hi @Alex_73 welcome to the forum.

The first answer is no. We defer to the documentation of each solver. It would be too hard for us to maintain the list and description of solver options. The best we do is link for each solver in the JuMP docs scipopt/SCIP.jl · JuMP

  1. I think that is it. SCIP has a very large number of options. I dont think there is documentation for each option, but @mbesancon can correct me.
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Right… now that you mention it, I’m starting to think about the difficulty :sweat_smile: :rofl: … But ok, thanks for the feedback!

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