JuliaDB won't show data!

I am trying to adapt some code from R to Julia and I am interested in utilizing JuliaDB. I have successfully loaded my data and have create some features. However I am trying to look at the head of the data, but I continously get the meta data of which list the colnames and type.

I followed this website (https://www.juliabloggers.com/julia-data-wrangling-using-juliadb-jl-and-juliadbmeta-jl/) and typed in the code select(data_table, colnames(data_table))[1:6], but I get the same metadata just with it saying that the table has six rows.

Is there anything I can do to view the data?



When the table is too wide to display, it will only show the metadata. You can circumvent that behavior with IndexedTables.set_show_compact!(false)


You are a gentleman and a scholar. Many thanks!