JuliaDB: select columns from 2 tables and join based on 2 keys

Suppose that we have 2 tables, each contains multiple columns. The first table has (id, date, x1, x2, x3) and the second has (id, date, y1, y2, y3). Is it possible to create a new table by selecting columns (id, date, x1, y2, y3) from the 2 original tables and inner joining them on (id, date)?

The reason I am asking this is that this procedure is very convenient in SQL. I wish there is a similar thing in JuliaDB.

More generally, does JuliaDB support arbitrary join conditions as does SQL with the JOIN <table> ON <condition> clause?

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I think you want something like:

join(t1, t2, lkey=(:id, :date), rkey=(:id, :date), lselect=:x1, rselect=(:y2, :y3))

You can leave out lkey and rkey if you already have primary keys set.


This looks good!
In addition, is it possible to apply “where” and “group by” clauses in the join? This would allow us to use filtered tables and calculate group-level statistics. For example, I am looking for a Julia counterpart for the following SQL command:

create table want as
select a.x1, b.y2, b.y3, mean(b.y2) as y2_mean
from t1 (where = (x2 > 0)) as a
left join t2 as b
on a.id = b.id and a.date = b.date
group by b.id
order by id, date