JuliaDB, handling and transforming dates

Dear fellow julians,

Quick question: let’s say I have an IndexedTable object with a column :Date which contains strings in format “01-JUL-19”. What’s the best way to transform the column into proper Date type?

Thanks in advance!

I’ve done things like this in the past:

julia> using IndexedTables, Dates

julia> t = table((x = ["01-JUL-19", "02-JUN-19"],));

julia> f(x) = Date(x, DateFormat("dd-uu-yy")) + Year(2000);

julia> transform(t, :x => :x => f)
Table with 2 rows, 1 columns:
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Thanks a lot for the quick reply!

Might be a good candidate for a stack overflow question? Simple question, simple direct answer.

I understand. Sorry! Was unaware of posting rules.

I meant that we should add this question on SO. Posting here is fine! Sorry for the confusion.