JuliaCon 2023 Updates: Schedule, Housing and Social Events!


This is your friendly neighborhood JuliaCon organizer. Just wanted to bring some updates to you:

  1. We released a new version of the schedule: https://pretalx.com/juliacon2023/schedule/. It has a bunch of changes based on your feedback, including rescheduling lunch an hour earlier. As usual, do get in touch at juliacon@julialang.org for changes and feedback.

  2. If you’re looking to share housing with other folks at a conference, we created a new Slack channel for just that! Join to coordinate. Make sure you’re careful with your personal information.

  3. We have social events at JuliaCon! Fill out this survey to indicate which ones you might be interested in and if especially if you’d like to volunteer! Everyone is welcome.


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