JuliaCon 2023 - MRI Compressed Sensing and Denoising in Julia (MRICompress.jl) request to solve your sparse big data problem

Hi everyone,

MRICompress v0.0.1 is available for use alexander-leong/MRICompress.jl (github.com). For those that want to know more about what the package does you can view my JuliaCon talk at Alexander Leong on LinkedIn: JuliaCon 2023 Room 32-124 Day 1.
The package is currently being developed further and it would be much appreciated to get your feedback about how easy or useful it is for your intended application. It doesn’t have to be MRI! My thoughts about this package are it will contain a suite of cutting-edge compression and denoising algorithms using compressed sensing theory, the mathematics of linear algebra and optimization. If you have a sparse big data problem that needs to be solved, I will be keen to learn more about it and work towards evolving this package to solving your particular problem. Please reach out!