Juliabox slide show navigation

I just tested the slide show functionality on Juliabox and could not figure out how to navigate through slides.
I have two separate markdown cells, when changing into presentation mode I cannot scroll or switch to the second slide.
(My assumption is that a cell corresponds to a slide?)

As indicated in the help menu I tried to do so with “space” or “page down” but this has no effect.
Other things like toggling help with “,” and getting the black screen with “.” do work. The slide navigator on the right bottom with the up/down/left/right arrows shows a zero in the middle and seems disabled/grayed out.

So not sure if I need to somehow insert information on what a slide is, other then a cell or if there is something wrong with the presentation mode.


You need to explicitly label the slides - in the most recent Jupyter, check under View → Cell Toolbar → Slideshow and set Slide Type to Slide for each cell.

The slide will contain the labelled cell, plus any following cells that aren’t explicitly labelled as something else.


I’m sorry for my question but how does the creation of these slides work? I mean, once I have defined the cells that will be slides, how do I view the slides? Is it something like “ipython nbconvert …”?

You can directly view them from Juliabox. Either press “Alt+r” or else click the icon that looks like a histogram or bar chart on the very right next to “CellToolbar” (see below)

Ok! Thanks! But now, a new question…Is it possible to do the same thing at Jupyter / IJulia?

I guess it depends on your installation.
In my case there is nbconvert to create presentations from within Jupyter notebooks, which works differently than in the Juliabox (reveal) tool.

Ok…I understood…thank you!!!

You install this extension: