JuliaBox - Package availability on remote machine

Before describing the issue, I just wanted to comment that I not sure whether it is specific to JuliaBox (locally on my laptop things work fine).

I am using Julia 1.0 on JuliaBox. To add a package I type Pkg.add("StaticArrays"), where StaticArrays is just given as an examplepackage. Loading the package locally with using StaticArrays works fine. After adding additional remote processes using addprocs(4), I tried loading StaticArrays on the remote machines using @everywhere using StaticArrays and I got the following error:

On worker 2:
ArgumentError: Package StaticArrays not found in current path:
- Run `Pkg.add("StaticArrays")` to install the StaticArrays package.

I guess my question is: are the remote machines aware of local package installations? If not, how can I add packages that are usable on remote machines? (BTW I tried @everywhere using Pkg; Pkg.add("StaticArrays") and the error I got indicates that Pkg is not allowed on remote machines.