Julia1.0 on windows: versioninfo not defined

My appveyor builds (eg here)on julia 1.0 are failing because versioninfo is not defined? It builds successfully on linux. Is this a known difference between platforms?

You probably want to update your appveyor.yml based on https://github.com/JuliaCI/Appveyor.jl (readme).

That might be a good idea but would it fix the problem? I think the appveyor build I linked is running Julia 1.0.

Your appveyor.yml contains versioninfo here: https://github.com/galenlynch/OpenEphysLoader.jl/blob/9dfe190db1a5f59845c8ef780de5b1626d30ebce/appveyor.yml#L41. The updated one doesn’t.

versioninfo has moved to InteractiveUtils (stdlib) by the way, but you shouldn’t need it for the CI scripts.

I see, thank you!