Julia vs. Java on embedded

We are working with an embedded device similar to a Pi 3 (well, perhaps in one or two years like a Pi 4) and use Java for our GUI application. We have now 2GB RAM, extending that to 4GB would be possible.

Perhaps as clarification: The GUI is a web browser, the java app is creating html.

What is the RAM usage of a Java application versus a Julia application?

Does anyone have any reasonable benchmarks?

I imagine this depends a lot on your application, but to get a baseline you could run the example server from

and check.

This is largely determined by your Xmx setting to the JVM. The JVM will typically (eventually) use all of the heap memory available defined by Xmx. Other relevant settings would include the per-thread stack size settings. I haven’t seen any reference to such control in Julia. Discussions here Limit Julia Memory and here Julia vs. Java on embedded