Julia v1.6.3 has been released

Julia version 1.6.3, the third patch release in the 1.6 series of releases, is now available. You can get binaries for glibc Linux (i686, x86-64, AArch64, ARMv7), musl Linux (x86-64), FreeBSD (x86-64), macOS (x86-64), and Windows (32-, 64-bit) at https://julialang.org/downloads.

As a patch release, 1.6.3 contains no new features or breaking changes, only bug fixes, documentation improvements, and performance improvements. You can see the list of commits included since 1.6.2 here. We recommend anyone currently using 1.6.0, 1.6.1, or 1.6.2 upgrade to 1.6.3.

Note that 1.6 on Travis, AppVeyor, Cirrus, and (soon) GitHub Actions now refers to 1.6.3.



Is there some way to update my pre-installed 1.6.1 version of julia (using windows)?
Or I have to uninstall that version and reinstall this new one?

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Is this source for the ARM hf hardware? I’m trying to experiment with Julia an a Jetson Nano.


@aburousan you don’t have to delete anything if you don’t want to (but I guess there’s little reason to keep a previous patch release). But yeah you need to download the new version. You may be interested in this GitHub - JuliaLang/juliaup: Julia installer and version multiplexer


Great to here that now version of Julia 1.6 is available.

I have one question about 1.6. I believe @StefanKarpinski once said (I don’t remember where) that probably when 1.7 will be released, v. 1.0 stop be LTS and 1.6 probably will become LTS. But this depend on this how 1.6 will work in practice. Do we know at this moment, if 1.6 would become LTS?

This is relatively important to me, since I feel pressure to start my new “project” with LTS and stuck with it for some time.

Yes, 1.6 will be the new LTS.


I should say that while the Github repo for juliaup still calls it experimental, the Windows version is really not an experiment anymore. We have almost 700 users on it right now, and I’m committed to not breaking things and treating the whole thing as production ready. So, feel free to just install Julia from the Windows Store and updating to new versions will be much easier for you going forward :slight_smile:


Could we integrate that into the Mac App Store too, in principle? Could lower the threshold for new users even further.

We’re working on Mac and Linux support, but it will take a while to pull that off. The current plan is not based on the Mac App Store, though. I’d love to see that as well, but not clear to me whether that is actually possible or not.


The link at https://docs.julialang.org/en/v1/ to the PDF version of Julia 1.6.3 documentation is dead.

Dear Sir/Madam
I want to download the julia pro IDE but when i click on any link shown on google. This goes to julia hub page. Please help me download the JuliaPro IDE.
Thank you so much

JuliaPro is no longer being actively developed: Is JuliaPro discontinued? - #4 by pfitzseb

IDE plugin development efforts are now focused on the Julia VSCode extension, and I would recommend starting there.


Just install JuliaWin. It is the easiest way to deploy Julia on personal computer (At least for Windows).


I had a problem with the Windows 10 binary. A library was not found. Switched to the general (.zip) and working (apparently).
I am trying on a 2nd machine now.


The 2nd machine install went perfectly. Then I went back to the first machine and tried again. It worked.
I think it was some sort of transient problem with a github repository.



I have tried to build the Docker image for 1.6.3 and it is consistently failing (since last night) with a 503 after the first two layers.

I’ve created a GitHub issue but wanted to inform you guys too.