Julia v1.3.0-rc1 is now available

The first release candidate for Julia v1.3.0 is here! Get binaries for Linux, macOS, Windows, and FreeBSD at https://julialang.org/downloads and check out the NEWS file for v1.3.0-rc1 to see what will be new in 1.3. You can also view the commit comparison with the previously released 1.3.0-alpha here.

As a release candidate, this should not be considered production-ready; it’s intended to give users a chance to try out their code with 1.3.0 prior to a full release. Note that 1.3 on Travis, AppVeyor (with Appveyor.jl), and Cirrus CI (with CirrusCI.jl) now points to 1.3.0-rc1 rather than 1.3.0-alpha.

Don’t worry, even though 1.3 is now in the release candidate stage doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about 1.2; that should be available very soon.

As usual, let us know in the issue tracker if you run into any issues.


Installed and running already. I like living on the edge!


Note that #32918 (artifacts) in the News.md is missing a link.

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Does this mean that the release dates of 1.2.0 and 1.3.0 will be very close? Is there any special reason for this? I don’t know Julia’s history.

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1.2.0 should still be out first. The reason for 1.3.0 is that it introduces new parallel paradigm, so people are very hyped (same for the devs)


No, 1.2 is almost completely stabilized and will be released soon while 1.3 just got branched and is likely months away to be released.


I just want to track 1.3 through its release cycle, is it enough to just

git checkout release-1.3 # once
git pull && make # for updates


I see, thank you.

For those that want to try it out, Atom/Juno is currently broken for Julia v"1.3.0-rc1".

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FYI folks I jumped the gun a bit with this release candidate; please consider this more of a beta. We’ll continue to iterate with RC versions but this was a bit premature, so the next release candidate will be more like a true RC. My apologies!


FWIW the whole ApproxFun system passes tests on rc1 without a single segfault :tada: in the past this usually only occurred in the last or penultimate release candidate of any julia version. Though I suppose it’s single threaded so not really testing the main contributions of 1.3.

In any case, I’m hoping “more of a beta” means “really buggy”, not “we’re going to make big changes that introduce new bugs that breaK in ApproxFun


Feature freeze is still in effect. For this RC, the “problem” was just that we didn’t run the normal stabilisation checks that we usually do before an RC (PkgEval + Nanosoldier). For those that want to follow along and maybe help out, the PkgEval process for RC2 is at https://github.com/JuliaLang/julia/pull/32973#issuecomment-525447222.