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Checkout my living document post on Julia tips for R useRs


I really like that RCall.jl is available and you making a tutorial. I hope it draws people to Julia.

EDIT: [Outdated info from post deleted; was the original reason for posting, lesser point[s] I included kept.]

[For me that don’t know the R ecosystem and what’s out there, is it important to learn R and use together? Not that I’m doing science/statistics, but say I was.]

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What’s really missing for me in Julia is a Hadlyverse where everything is consistent (data first, etc.) and everything interacts well together.

Thanks! Silly mistake by me! I have updated the example to make it more awesome!

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It’s not data-first because not everyone is working on data. It’s types-first because then anyone can build performant packages, like a data-first data ecosystem.

Not sure what you mean. In the hadlyverse (but not only) all functions take the “data” as a first argument, so everything is very consistent.