Julia project file?

I was wondering if any of Julia editor can generate project file. I need to switch among Linux and Windows machines on a daily basis, and the cd(joinpath(homedir()),"....")) approach is not efficient (portable) enough for me.

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I don’t know what a project file is. But I usually put projects in packages, and make use of @__DIR__ (inside a function) for relative paths.

I am aware of that, but still I want to know if it is possible to generate a project file like the .vcxproj file that aggregate all project information in a xml format, so I do not need to contain any file path information in my script.

Do you maintain your project as a package or a plain set of files? If later, are all the files in the same directory or different directories?

So far it sounds like @__DIR__ and (optionally) is_linux() / is_windows() are enough to maintain almost any project structure.

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