Julia Pkg (CSV DataFrames Eirene)

Hello esteemed experts,

I am seeking assistance with running specific Julia packages in a Jupyter notebook. However, I encountered the following error message. As a newcomer to Julia, I would greatly appreciate your guidance on resolving this issue.

Thank you!

Precompiling Eirene
✗ CategoricalArrays
✗ DataFrames
Info Given Eirene was explicitly requested, output will be shown live
┌ Warning: Kaledio is not available on this system. Julia will be unable to produce any plots.
└ @ PlotlyBase C:\Users\Wami.julia\packages\PlotlyBase\NxSlF\src\kaleido.jl:58
ERROR: LoadError: InitError: SystemError: opening file “C:\Users\Wami\.julia\packages\PlotlyJS\AhkM5\deps\build.log”: No such file or directory
[1] systemerror(p::String, errno::Int32; extrainfo::Nothing)
@ Base .\error.jl:176
[2] systemerror
@ .\error.jl:175 [inlined]
[3] open(fname::String; lock::Bool, read::Nothing, write::Nothing, create::Nothing, truncate::Nothing, append::Nothing)
@ Base .\iostream.jl:293
[4] open
@ .\iostream.jl:275 [inlined]

Hi! There have been issues with installation of these packages.

For example, this Eirene issue’s comment shows the same error as yours.

Perhaps you should first try to install the components - Kaleido and Plotly … - and then try to install Eirene.jl.

(I don’t know what any of these packages do - just searched for relevant issues…)

I attempted to submit an update here:

You can try my updated version as follows:

using Pkg
pkg"add https://github.com/mkitti/Eirene.jl#mkitti-update-1_4_0"