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I was wondering if it is possible to have julia on the ipad… The new ipad pro seems to be pretty powerful compared to some laptops, so I was wondering if there is any sort of repl and/or jupyter coding system for Julia on the ipad. If it is possible, how can this be achieved?
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almost surely not, because apple prohibits programming tools on all ipads (though its appstore conditions)…except for swift as far as I can tell.

it’s not perfectly true any longer (https://www.macstories.net/stories/coding-on-ios-is-more-feasible-than-ever-before/), but it’s still pretty stark.

the reason why the ipad is relatively safe is that it imposes strict limits on what you can do with it. and programming is no-no number 1. all code must be vetted through the appstore.


The limitation is still that processes can’t create executable memory, which means the JIT can’t work. AFAIK the only ways around this would be static compilation (limiting interactive use) or compiling everything to webassembly and sending that to the JavaScript JIT. There are projects for WASM targeting; once they are further along then iOS integration might be worth investigating. (this approach would lose access to native libraries like BLAS, but that might be ok for casual/educational use)


Yes it is possible, however not running Julia locally.

Rather you can set up a server (e.g. one of Digital Ocean) and run a Jupyter process that you connect to from the Juno app. https://juno.sh

Seems to work nicely for me. Although I haven’t used it in anger yet.


Not all of us use the BLAS, LAPACK, GMP, MPFR, or pcre2 libraries, even for our “professional” work.

I’d love to see this - there are python ides running locally on iOS so the AppStore definitely allows this kind of apps now (ie Pythonista 3)

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FYI: I just read about this possibility (from 4 days ago): https://www.reddit.com/r/Julia/comments/cja530/julia_in_your_android/

That’s locally (and Termux doesn’t need root, and thus neither Julia I believe), unlike:

This seems confusing, as there’s already junolab.org

Trying iSH, see Julia on iOS and Android

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