Julia on Holochain

Holochain is an open source initiative to create a cloud infrastructure.

Some time ago I pre-ordered a small computer that will be delivered when the system is ready.

I ordered the product here:

Holo is claiming that they will ship the computers when their software is tested enough to create a stable communications between the devices. They claim to have sold 4000 of these small servers (raspberry pies with a nix-os).

I just wrote a post in the Holochain developer forum with the suggestion that they use Julia for testing:

If this can be done Julia can be part of the initial software package that is shipped together with the 4000 so called Holoports…

Would that not be a great way to expand the Julia community?

This should be corrected!

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Is that entirely not true?

“Julia is R in fast” is not entirely wrong I guess :smile:

Ok, good, for me it is enough that there is some truth to the statement. I am trying to hint at a simple truth that is actually easy to understand.

I think holochain community does not entirely agree that holochain is “a cloud service” either :wink:

There is no truth to that statement. It is misrepresenting Julia, which is not a version of Matlab.

FWIW, GNU Octave is much closer to being “an open source version of Matlab”, but even they just say that it is “largely compatible with Matlab”.

BTW, can you please clarify if you are representing or are in any way affiliated with the “Official Holo Store” you linked above?


I am not affiliated with this store in any other way than that I used it to buy one of these computers.

Ok, sorry if I misrepresenteted Julia in some way.

Is it appropritae if I in the future write something like. “Julia is a high level programming language that is open source and which can be used in a way that is similar to how we use matlab”?

Thanks for clarifying. I asked this because you linked a web store for a product which (at the moment) is not related to Julia in any way, if I understand correctly.

I don’t know if there is a community consensus on how to describe Julia briefly — it usually depends on the audience. Personally, I would not define Julia comparing to Matlab (as it draws from a lot of languages), and would instead select some relevant pieces from the “Julia in a Nutshell”" blurbs, or the “why we created Julia” announcement.


Yes, that I think these are completely unrelated communities at this point.

Thanks for the tip about GNU Octave by the way!

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That is great. There is some interest growing in Julia in some people in the holochain team as well.