Julia Offline


Is there any way to turn Julia completely offline? I could manage packages myself, I just need to have Julia stop sending git clone/pull and any kind of web requests.


I believe that if you don’t use the package manager, Julia will never try to connect to anything.


Yeah, but I would like to disable it since I’m not the only one who will gong to use it, and someone can still try to use the package manager.


The package manager doesn’t do anything that user code can’t do. If you want to prevent network connections entirely a firewall seems like the way to go.


I just wanted to check if there were any julia options to handle that. A firewall is already used, but we would like to avoid to get there.
If there is not a way to do that, here stays one idea for the future: a way to turn off any kind of connections.
Thanks for all the replies until now.


You can call any C functions so that’s not really something that’s possible to do.


That’s true.

Thank you all for the responses.