Julia might get some nice exposure



Could you provide some context? The name is unfamiliar to me. A Google search tells me he is an AI researcher and ‘active on social media’, but that doesn’t really tell me much. He has apparently conversed with several famous people.

So what’s the deal?

Lex is an AI celebrity. Former MIT professor, AI researcher, podcast host, an aspiring entrepreneur, martial artist, musician, etc.

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Lev Fridman has well followed YouTube podcasts in which he interviews well known and influential scientists (mainly physicists and computer scientists). This is definitely a big deal.

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Next stop Joe Rogan… :wink:

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Grant Sanderson was on his podcast recently. :slight_smile:
Don Knuth and Steven Wolfram were also on among many other inspiring people.
In terms of exposure: he has 667K followers on YT.

Yes, he has good reach. Remember, digital reach is spectrum on an (messy) communications theoretic analog spectrum. Once recommendation algos flip their data privacy laws and spread privacy because ad revenue was becoming too regular, it makes sense to do it the other way (which according to the gossip I know of, has happened, I can see it on certain social networks like twitter or facebook or youtube, aka the ancient ABC pattern).

Lex is famous in some good “high quality” networks of networks. He provides good conversations that evoke “curiosity” with the right people with bounded variation, so people literally will spend hours watching videos and thus get curious out them. Think about lex as a virtual lex and you’ll get what I mean. That’s what digital advertising tracking cookie monsters have always done. Spread privacy and high quality engadgement instead. Study duckduckgo’s revenue model instead of say, google/facebook/etc etc etc.

It’s all about “who do you get trust” by providing value to society in the end. Sharing = caring.