Julia Markdown doesn't have strikethroughs

Julia Markdown doesn’t do strikethroughs with the~~ ~~ notation, like Markdown, and this is a problem for showing simplification. What GitHub do I report this on?

Does it work in other Discourse-powered forums? If not, then probably your should report it in the Discourse engine repository.

Strikethrough, while available on GitHub flavoured Markdown, is not part of all Markdown implementations and, notably, not part of CommonMark (nor indeed the Julia flavour). Same as, for instance, checklists.

You didn’t give context to your question so it’s hard to guess what you’re trying to do but if the output you want is e.g. HTML, then CommonMark.jl is a good package and while it doesn’t have ~~...~~ it does allow you to insert HTML <strike>...</strike> .

Note that strikethrough is the least of the potential problem of Julia’s Markdown module, there are more pressing issues: Issues · JuliaLang/julia · GitHub

On Discourse you can use <strike> tag: foo or indeed the ~~: foo


works sometimes