Julia in python

I want to execute the juila in python , but the shearlab is not work plzz help me

import warnings
import julia
import sys
import pylab
import Shearlab
n = 512;
mat_fname_gt = pjoin('./sample_data/', 'barbara.jpg')
data_nopar = Shearlab.load_image(name, n);
data_par = Shearlab.load_image(name, n,n,1);
data_nopar = data_nopar[:,:,1];
data_par = data_par[:,:,1]

error : ModuleNotFoundError Traceback (most recent call last)
in ()
3 import sys
4 import pylab
----> 5 import Shearlab
6 #reload(“Shearlab”)
7 n = 512;

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘Shearlab’

help me plzz

Hi! I can help you with one thing, at least, from that image … You’re typing "path=https..., but you should be typing path="https... - ie, you should put just the URL in quotation marks.

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@cormullion Hi, thanks for your reply , Okey I want to tested

@cormullion it’s work, but when I add package shearlab , it’s not work

It works for me:

That is to say, I was able to install it.

It’s not registered, so you’ll have to supply the full URL.

I don’t know whether the code will work, once installed. I couldn’t run it on my Mac, because the dependency on PyPlot causes my session to segfault, due to an INTEL MKL ERROR: dlopen error.

I suggest that you try to contact the author of the package by opening an issue on their github page, or by following the links to their chat.

Good luck!

@cormullion Yes Isoved my problem
but in extraction image , dosn’t not work

and I tested wit resized_19…

I can’t help you any further, sorry - I don’t know this package at all, and can’t run it anyway. Perhaps you could try contacting the author?