Julia in Python, Float64 plots needed

I need to create accurate plots and as said in thread GLMakie vs Plots, not enogh precision for axis limits, Makie is not eough, using Float32. Plots neither, as it explicitely says in the REPL that there may be inaccuracy due to covnversion to Float64.

I want to do everything in Julia and just call this program from python when I want to plot things without rewriting multiple files in my memory.

So It’s just:

Ok, now I want a good plot for this:
Ok, I'm fine, gonna save it.

Do you have any working pattern?
Never used python REPL and don’t know what it implies. Most of internet suggetsion lead to that.

If you have Float64 supported julia plotters I’m more than happy though.

I’m a little confused what you are talking about.

Have you tried all the Plots.jl backends?

Have you tried PythonPlot.jl as a Plots.jl backend or directly?


For magic reasons when using Plots, now, the Repl stays silent, but I still have issue with ticks:
Screenshot from 2024-03-07 10-21-07

Did not try the backend though

PythonPlot actually saved my life: