Julia in AWS


I’m using parallel computing to increase the performance of my code. I have access to a pc with 36 cores, but I think I could do better if I ran my code in a machine with more cores and/or run the same code simultaneously on multiple machines. I have heard the Amazon and google provide cloud computing, i.e., I am able to access their machines remotely in order to run my code in the way described above. Problem: I’m a total noob in this field: I don’t understand how to access AWS, how their interface works, how I run Julia on their machines, how do I get the results in one workspace in the end, etc. So my question is: is there a good reference that explains how to use Julia with AWS? I’m not even talking about distributed computing yet. Just being able to run Hello world would be nice. Thanks

I use Julia with AWS to run distributed jobs across hundreds of machines. It’s a lot of work to set up initially but a pretty useful skillset. It’s actually not much harder to run on 100 machines than on one machine.

The first thing I would suggest is learning to run Julia in Docker on your local machine. You can find any number of Docker tutorials.

Then run that docker image in EC2: Running Docker Containers On AWS EC2 | by Bhargav Bachina | Bachina Labs | Medium

After that, if you want to run distributed jobs, look into AWS Batch: AWS Batch: A Detailed Guide to Kicking Off Your First Job – Stackify


Thanks for the help and the references!

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