Julia Gender Inclusive Community Hour featuring “Pluto.jl – Accessibility in scientific computing”

Hey everyone,

Julia Gender Inclusive is excited to announce our next Community Hour happening Saturday, 13th January at 10AM EST / 4PM CET / 8.30PM IST, featuring Fons van der Plas (@fonsp ), who will talk about Pluto.jl.

The mission of Pluto.jl is to make scientific computing accessible and fun. We know that science can be fun, but what does accessibility mean in scientific computing? How accessible is it, and how can Julia, Pluto and other packages contribute to it? This talk is about accessibility to different backgrounds, Julia’s learning curve, and technical accessibility of Pluto (like keyboard-only use, Screen reader / braille support).

Community Hours take place on GatherTown, beginning with a 10-30 minute talk, followed by socializing for the rest of the hour. Attendees are welcome to use the GatherTown space for as long as they like afterwards!

We welcome anyone who sees their gender as under-represented within the Julia community, including women, non-binary people, trans people of all genders, and people exploring or questioning their gender. Because gender is multifaceted, we are intentionally general about what gender under-representation means.

You can learn more about Julia Gender Inclusive in our announcement post and from our JuliaCon 2021 & 2022 lightning talks!

Sign-up here for a link to join: https://forms.gle/w1f74sS35JV1vbFy6