Julia Extension for VSCode `v1.6.0` is out... and the awesome new profiler with it!

I am not sure if it is my job to announce such a thing, but I just wanted everyone to know that the new VSCode profiler is now available on Insider.

This profiler is very fast and efficient, thanks a lot to @pfitzseb for coding it. It is a breeze to use compared to what we had before ! The PR is here with a few screenshots.

Inline markup of costly lines, ability to navigate through code by cliking on the profiler bars, coloring for type stability, readable names on the bars… everything you could ask.


There’ll be an actual announcement once 1.6 is actually released (which may take some time so we can monitor regressions/bugs in the insider release).


Yes that is what I thought.

Thanks again for doing this :slight_smile: